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Three Key Systems To Maximize Your Time and Energy!

No matter the length of time you’ve been in business, three key systems will help simplify your work and create more of the efficiency you seek. 

There are certain aspects of your business that you can do with your eyes closed – your area of skill and passion. Yet there are other areas that you could you some assistance. Having systems in place, no matter your expertise will save you time, energy, and, yes – money.

Three systems are considered the foundation for a well-run business. These systems make it possible for you to complete the work, hire team members, and grow your company.

Let’s take a look:

Communication Systems: In today’s world, many individuals consider social media their primary means of communication. With email acting as the backup. 

What happens when your social media platform(s) of choice go down, change their algorithms or their policies? Will you lose your momentum and the ability to contact your customers, leading to a decline in sales?

The key is to find and gather contact information for your customers, as well as your prospects. When you organize the contact information, including a second and maybe even a third way to contact them, you will enhance the future success of your business. 

A well-organized system that contains several ways to contact your list will enhance your reach and potential for growth. Most communication systems also integrate well with other systems, such as sales, further streamlining your business.

Sales Systems: Now that you have your contacts organized and can talk to people about your company, it’s time to start selling! A sales system will make this a breeze. 

Today, software and apps help you create an entire selling funnel, from initially touching base to sales pages. Many sales systems also integrate with your communication system and your shopping cart.

The earlier your business starts your sales system, the further ahead you will be! You will have created a solid brand, and each year you will increase your credibility.

Bookkeeping Systems: Bookkeeping is the system where you track the money you spend (such as when you set up the sales and communication systems) and document the money you receive (as you sell your products and services.)

Even if you are just starting, how easy is it for you to remember what you purchased from a vendor 12-months ago? When you work with a professional to set up your bookkeeping system, keeping up with the daily work may be much easier than you thought.

Many of today’s bookkeeping systems integrate with banking platforms, enabling you to track your money and generate reports quickly. These systems have kept up with the times so that you can now utilize your smartphone to track your money and your mileage.

While endless systems are available to make running a business easier, systematizing your communication, sales, and bookkeeping are wise investments in your future. 

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