Conquer Your Business’s Money Flow with These Expert Tips

Laura Credico needed some behind-the-scenes help with her company’s money flow. As founder and principal designer of Interiors by Laura, she was the face of her company. Her projects offered the chance for her to flex her creative muscles.  But she knew she needed some guidance to build her business, especially when trying to conquer […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a VA

You’ve been working hard to build your business. And now, finally, you’re fully booked.  That’s a really exciting feeling. It can also feel daunting. Now you have to deliver the work – and it often feels like your to-do list far exceeds the time available.  It’s time to hire help. For many business owners, their […]

Becoming a CFO: How Sharon Norris Conquered Money Flow

Sharon Norris never expected to handle money flow at her family’s business full-time. She’d been working with her mother-in-law at Empire State Associates, a manufacturers rep in the plumbing and heating industry in upstate New York. Her mother-in-law had been handling the bookkeeping and accounting for the small business for over 40 years. When her […]

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Business Tasks For Peace of Mind

When you’re running a business, just managing paperwork can feel like a full-time job. It’s easy to let business tasks like reconciling your finances, reviewing insurance policies, and filing documents slip to the bottom of your to-do list.  There are ways to keep these types of tasks from piling up. Some can be done monthly, […]

Will your business survive the next natural disaster?

a woman creating a plan to survive the next natural disaster

Is your business ready to survive the next natural disaster? 47.3% of U.S. employees work for a small business. When a catastrophic disaster comes through a region, we hear about the loss of lives, personal possessions, and homes. Yet we rarely hear about the loss of income and jobs! With just under half the workforce […]

4 Effortless Ways To Build Your Willpower!

an image of a dictionary defining willpower

How to accomplish more of the goals you set. When we hear the word “willpower” we often think of eating healthy, exercising, or quitting a bad habit. Willpower is needed to change the negative within ourselves, yet it is also beneficial in other areas of our lives. Willpower is not something you are born with. […]

Kickstart your way to a successful 2022!

fireworks to kickstart your way to a successful 2022

The SMART way to reach your New Year’s resolution. New Years Day is a day of new beginnings, a fresh slate, and for me, a day when all my dreams feel possible.  I recently heard that more New year’s resolutions are broken each year than any other goal?  Why do we continue to make resolutions, […]