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Emerging from Hibernation- How to Adjust to Your New Reality

As you leave winter’s hibernation and the Covid-19 quarantine and you emerge into full summer with flowers and trees in bloom, you may also discover a new beginning for 2020; for you, your family, your business, the world, and how you decide to show up.   


Did your life change over the past several months?    

  • Were you busier or slower than pre-COVID?   
  • Did you enjoy virtual interactions and the time saved from not commuting?   
  • Have you realized that virtual communication is not enough and that you like, or NEED, to be in the energetic field of others?   


The good news, you get to choose how you re-enter the world!  

If you’re self-employed, or an aspiring entrepreneur, you can enter where you left off or you now have the opportunity to create new you. Did you realize that:  

  • Your business, which was formally your pride and joy, had become just a J*B?  
  • You spent too much time at work and/or on behalf of your clients?  
  • Financial changes occurred in your household?  
  • A large amount of the stress that you carried was from your business?   

Have you decided to:   

  • Reorganize your time and spend more of it with your significant other and children?    
  • Pivot what you do or how you offer your services and products?   
  • Expand your business and increase your income?  
  • Close your doors?

The key to moving forward is to keep in mind all that you have learned during the first half of

2020 and to move forward in life and business in a way that matters and is essential for you.   

For me, I realized that I put aside my own physical and spiritual health, and abandoned the quality time that in the past was reserved for my family. While my business grew, I was spending less time with my family. My time was going to guiding my clients to create harmony between their home/personal life and designing a profitable business that fits with their personality and desires.   

If you know or follow me, you’ve heard before that I do not believe that there is a real work-life balance. How can you possibly divide up your time equally in all areas of your life?    

Instead, we need to harmonize our time and our life. Some days your family will take precedence; other days, it will be your own spiritual needs, and still, others will be your business. It’s like listening to a symphony. At times the horns will have a solo, or the woodwinds, or even the percussion. But in the end, all the instruments play in harmony to create music that is moving, beautiful, and enjoyable.   

In the coming months, I will redesign my business to suit the lifestyle I wish to lead, and the person I want to embody. I will keep harmony at the forefront of my mind and use the program I designed for my clients, From Pillars to Profits; The Seven Stepping Stones to Design The Business of Your Dreams.    


You are invited to follow me on my journey as I share with you the steps and processes I take to pivot my Profit Mentorship and Accounting firm to its next level.   

May you enjoy peace and harmony in your mind, body, and business as you reenter 2020 and post-quarantine.   


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