the battle for productivity

The Battle for Productivity [Part 1 of 5]

Productive, it’s how every entrepreneur wants to feel. It’s empowering to look at something that has been built or created and say “This was me. I did this. I made this.” 

Or to know you are getting things done, and be able to look at your list at the end of the day or week, and see all the items checked off.

Productivity is different for different people, but the feeling is the same, accomplishment. For one person, productivity is creating a presentation or meeting the needs of a specific client. For another, it may mean developing a new vaccine or coming up with a new product.

For you, it may be completely different, but you know the good feeling you get by putting in a productive day.

The Productivity Battle

Being productive creates a sense of accomplishment. It promotes the feeling of accomplishment and well-being to feel happy and joyful.

When you’re productive, you are able to spend more time outside of work, enjoying your time and less time worrying about the items left undone.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll cover ways that can boost your productivity, so that you can enhance your sense of purpose and accomplishment.

It’s not easy to always be productive. There are so many things that can get in the way and slow down or derail your productivity.

As a business owner, you’re being bombarded with many distractions that may hinder or block what you intend to accomplish on a specific day. The distractions may come from your personal life, or be work-related. 

It’s hard to stay focused when you’re receiving:

  • Notifications
  • Texts
  • Instant Messages
  • Emails
  • Social media pings
  • Calls
  • Just to name a few!

How often have you started working on your list for the day, when your phone rings or you receive a notification on your screen that you decide to take a quick peek before you dive into your work? One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, it’s an hour later. You’ve been sucked into the black hole of distraction.

Some days, even if you put aside the distractions, you still may feel like you’re running on the proverbial hamster wheel and not moving forward to complete the items on your list. 

You’re busy… but you’re not productive. 

You’re getting things done… but you’re not getting the right things done. 

You’ve answered emails, replied to texts, and sent the necessary messages… but still, end the day feeling like you didn’t get anything accomplished. 

It’s time to stop feeling like you work really hard to get nowhere.  

Over the next several weeks, we’ll explore different aspects that can help you can feel accomplished and fulfilled in what you’ve completed. In other words, have you begun to feel productive!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and your to-do list keeps getting longer and checking off as much as you hoped, click the button below to schedule a call to discuss how I can help you become more productive.  

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