4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a VA

You’ve been working hard to build your business. And now, finally, you’re fully booked.  That’s a really exciting feeling. It can also feel daunting. Now you have to deliver the work – and it often feels like your to-do list far exceeds the time available.  It’s time to hire help. For many business owners, their […]

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Business Tasks For Peace of Mind

When you’re running a business, just managing paperwork can feel like a full-time job. It’s easy to let business tasks like reconciling your finances, reviewing insurance policies, and filing documents slip to the bottom of your to-do list.  There are ways to keep these types of tasks from piling up. Some can be done monthly, […]

Will your business survive the next natural disaster?

a woman creating a plan to survive the next natural disaster

Is your business ready to survive the next natural disaster? 47.3% of U.S. employees work for a small business. When a catastrophic disaster comes through a region, we hear about the loss of lives, personal possessions, and homes. Yet we rarely hear about the loss of income and jobs! With just under half the workforce […]

4 Effortless Ways To Build Your Willpower!

an image of a dictionary defining willpower

How to accomplish more of the goals you set. When we hear the word “willpower” we often think of eating healthy, exercising, or quitting a bad habit. Willpower is needed to change the negative within ourselves, yet it is also beneficial in other areas of our lives. Willpower is not something you are born with. […]

Three Key Systems To Maximize Your Time and Energy!

woman with a clock that emphasizing the three key systems to maximize your time and energy

No matter the length of time you’ve been in business, three key systems will help simplify your work and create more of the efficiency you seek.  There are certain aspects of your business that you can do with your eyes closed – your area of skill and passion. Yet there are other areas that you […]

How to Create a Better Business with Systems!

cogwheel showing how to create a better business with systems

Starting and owning a business is an incredible thing. It’s a giant leap from enjoying and being an expert in a craft or skill. That leap requires a lot of deep digging to complete what is needed to operate an entire company where that craft or skill is part of the whole. The transformation to […]

3 Money Mistakes That Keep Your Business Broke

a person avoiding money mistakes in her business

The cause of more business failures than any other single issue is money (or rather, the lack thereof). And honestly, it’s no wonder, we aren’t born knowing how to manage money – most of us aren’t taught how to handle it either. It becomes a case of trial and error and we figure it out […]

Preparing for 2020

typewriter with someone preparing for 2020

As we near the end of a decade and prepare ourselves for the next year, there’s a lot to consider as an entrepreneur. For many small business owners, this is a time to evaluate their accomplishments and set the course for what’s ahead. Every small business has a different end of year checklist, I get […]

How to Grow Your Business

plant growing like your business

Can we all agree that it’s been an intense year? This year has brought many shifts, breakdowns, and certainly plenty of breakthroughs. In the midst of so much movement and transformation, it’s important to reflect on your business goals and check in. Ask yourself: In these last 6 months, what worked? What didn’t work? What […]

3 Ways to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt. There, I said it. For many, these three words create immediate anxiety. But it doesn’t have to anymore. Consolidating credit card debt can help you to simplify or reduce your monthly credit card payments and save money each month. There are multiple ways to consolidate debt so take a breath. The first […]