4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a VA

You’ve been working hard to build your business. And now, finally, you’re fully booked. 

That’s a really exciting feeling. It can also feel daunting. Now you have to deliver the work – and it often feels like your to-do list far exceeds the time available. 

It’s time to hire help. For many business owners, their first hire is a virtual assistant. This hire is a crucial part of your team, and finding the right fit can unlock your business’s potential. 

So how do you find the right person? Start by considering these questions: 

What are my needs? 

As a business owner, you handle dozens of small tasks each day. Let me be the latest person to tell you that you do not need to do it all! 

Start by making a list of every single task you complete for your business. Which tasks can only be completed by you? Which tasks can you hand off to someone else? This process will give you a starting point for your hiring process.

What do I need my VA to do?

Look at your list of tasks. Which items can be grouped together and completed by one person? These tasks will become your job description for your VA. 

By grouping similar tasks together, you can narrow down your search and find a VA with the correct skillset to meet your needs. For example, if you have a lot of administrative tasks to hand off, you might prioritize applications with administrative experience. 

How much control do I want after hiring a VA?

If you are looking for a VA with a generalized skillset or need assistance for a few hours each week, a freelancer or contractor might be your best choice. If you need more specialized assistance, you might need to hire full-time or find a VA agency in your niche to help with the hiring process. 

What processes do I need to set up before hiring a VA?

You want to set up your new VA for success. After all, you just invested a lot of time into finding a new team member! Before your new hire comes on board, make sure you have streamlined your processes and documented how to complete the tasks you’ve assigned to your VA. 

Taking the time to set up your processes allows you to truly hand off tasks to your VA. It takes the steps to complete a task out of your brain and onto paper, which makes it easier for the VA to fill your shoes. 

It’s a win-win. You’ll end up with more time to focus on growing your business, and your VA will be able to complete their work correctly. 

Ready to build your team? Here’s what’s next. 

Sometimes, it is helpful to talk through the answers to these questions with a trusted business coach. If you want to set up a complimentary conversation with me to learn about how to build your dream team, book a call now! 

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