Tips to Make Your Year-End Planning and Review a Breeze

Have the best year ever by following our tips for year-end planning and review

As a business owner, you know how important it is to stay on track and be prepared for year-end planning and review. You also know that the holiday season can be hectic, so you want to ensure your business is ready for next year. By starting early and following a checklist, you can be more […]

How to Increase Quality Time with Your Family

a family spending quality time

Do you feel like you are spending more time with your immediate family during the past year? If so, you’re not alone before COVID-19 studies determined that families only spent up to 40-minutes a day together. Now more people work from home, either full or part-time, and family togetherness is increasing. Now is the opportunity […]

How to Create Space for Fun, Family, Friends, and Self-Care

group of friends and family creating space for fun and self-care

Do you feel that you work all the time and never have enough time for your friends and family? That your time and attention are spent on your clients, employees, family members, or household chores?  You’re not alone!  Our lives are filled with obligations and distractions that seem to every moment of our time. However, […]

Make Time For Friends And Family

Make time for friends and family

Do you ever feel lonely and isolated in your life? Are you in need of some fresh or different perspectives to help you work through some problems? Spending time with trusted friends and family is a perfect way to solve these problems and more!  As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to isolate yourself, putting you on a […]

The Battle for Productivity [Part 5 of 5] Conquer Your Dragons

a flying dragon, conquering your dragons

Prioritize your workday to accomplish more. When starting your day, you may want to earn a quick and easy checkmark or two showing you’ve accomplished something early in your day. Research shows that most productive and successful entrepreneurs focus on completing the day’s most important task first. One of my favorite authors, Mark Twain said, […]

The Battle for Productivity [Part 3 of 5] The Early Bird is a Successful Bird

The early bird is a successful bird

The key to success is to – Wake up early!  Watching the sunrise each day is beautiful and yes it may be one of the key habits that most successful entrepreneurs do.   Early mornings are a time when many successful individuals conquer their important or creative tasks while others slumber. From Aristotle who said, […]

The Battle for Productivity [Part 2 of 5] Goals vs Systems

Dart board with setting goals versus systems

Last week I described a few of the distractions that many entrepreneurs face. This week let’s talk about goals and how they relate to your accomplishments and feeling productive. I’m sure you’ve heard that to be productive, you need to set goals – SMART goals, BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals), or even stretch goals. But […]

The Battle for Productivity [Part 1 of 5]

the battle for productivity

Productive, it’s how every entrepreneur wants to feel. It’s empowering to look at something that has been built or created and say “This was me. I did this. I made this.”  Or to know you are getting things done, and be able to look at your list at the end of the day or week, […]

Getting Prepared for Year-End

getting prepared to year end calendar

As September turns to October, and the days get shorter, and it becomes the season where we spend more and more time with family. It is not unusual to think about ways to simplify your workload and get as much of your business in order for year-end before the holidays begin. The first thing I […]