Sales Tax Tips

female trying to get some sales tax tips

When most people think about their sales taxes – what is taxable, what is not, how much to charge, how to remit, etc., they get an instant headache. I found this article and wanted to share it with you. Sales Tax 101  It’s a quick read filled with a lot of valuable information. If you […]

How to Prepare for Year End

2021 2022 2013 preparing for year end

The end of the year can be a hectic time!  With finalizing your year-end bookkeeping, getting 1099s and W-2s ready, preparing and gathering documents for your tax advisor. It’s a time where you are planning ahead for next year, what changes do you want to make, and the schedule you want to create.  In addition, […]

The Similarity Between Businesses and Snowflakes

woman showing the similarity between snowflakes and businesses

Growing up in New England, my father would send us outside each winter to find identical snowflakes whenever it snowed. The promise of a reward would keep my siblings and me outside for hours! No matter how long and hard we tried, we never found two snowflakes alike. Even though we never found a matching […]

How to Prepare and Breeze through Tax time

prepating and breezing through tax time

Winter is fast approaching, and with it, the holiday season and the New Year! This is the time of year that you wish to focus on yourself, your family, and your friends. Yet, as a small business owner, you may feel buried and overwhelmed! It’s time to start closing the current business year. And you […]

Learn How to Remove Items From Your Credit Report

removing items for your credit report

Have you taken the time to consider how your credit affects you today and in the future?   Credit is an essential part of most people’s lives. Your credit score is directly related to your credit history. It lets lenders know how trustworthy you are with borrowing money. This includes everything from a personal loan […]

Stay Organized At Tax Time, (Or Any Time)

If the end of the year and tax season brings you to dread every year, it’s time to get that under control. There is no reason to be stressed, worried, or dreading tax time each year. It’s not good for your mental health, or physical health, either, to be stressed out. The reason you probably […]

Simple Ways to Stay Calm When Chaos Erupts

woman trying to stay calm

Life has its ups and downs. Now more than ever, after being quarantined and forced to adapt to a dramatically different lifestyle, businesswomen and moms will need to find they’re own sense of calm. Some periods will be more hectic and crazy than others. During these times, it can help you to learn some coping […]

Control the Clutter in Your Life to Make Room for What You Want

controlling clutter in your life

One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives is clutter. Seeing piles of clothes, unopened junk mail, loads of laundry, a messy desk, and other disarray really causes most people to feel anxious and overwhelmed, sometimes even depressed. It’s hard to achieve a sense of calm when there’s chaos all around, in the […]

Emerging from Hibernation- How to Adjust to Your New Reality

a person adjusting to new reality

As you leave winter’s hibernation and the Covid-19 quarantine and you emerge into full summer with flowers and trees in bloom, you may also discover a new beginning for 2020; for you, your family, your business, the world, and how you decide to show up.        Did your life change over the past […]

Bookkeeping You Can Do!

a table with bookkeeping tools

By Linda Brown, Spire Business Inc Many people feel they are not good with numbers, so it’s no surprise that they tend to ignore their bookkeeping. In the past, accounting had a lot to do with compiling numbers; that is not true today. Entrepreneurs and small business owners start their business because they have passion, […]