fireworks to kickstart your way to a successful 2022

Kickstart your way to a successful 2022!

The SMART way to reach your New Year’s resolution.

New Years Day is a day of new beginnings, a fresh slate, and for me, a day when all my dreams feel possible. 

I recently heard that more New year’s resolutions are broken each year than any other goal? 

Why do we continue to make resolutions, and why are they broken so easily? 

A resolution is an action or process towards something.  

Yet each year, we felt that we needed to go cold turkey to succeed – whether to walk 2 miles a day, eliminate sugar, take or create that new course.  However, when our self-discipline slipped, we felt like failures and stopped trying to meet our resolutions. 

This year, we made more than resolutions – we created stepping stones along the way and set dates for each step and the final goals to be met.

We were able to do this by using the SMART goal strategy;

Specify or quantify the goal. Use numbers, dates, or actions without vague phrasing that may be open to interpretation.
Measure along the way. By establishing stepping stones, or smaller goals along the way, you can see your progress toward your bigger goal.
Achievable. Set yourself up for success! Ensure that your goal is possible to accomplish, and the small steps allow you to see wins along the way.
Reasonable results. Ensure that the stepping stones lead you toward your resolution. 
Timelines established. Set specific time aside each day to work toward your next stepping stone, and allow for buffer time for those few days that you may need to miss.

It can be tough to achieve the resolutions you set for your business and personal life as a business owner. Utilizing the SMART goal process enhances our ability to succeed. Need to track your goals? Download this complimentary Resolution Goal Tracker.

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