My student loans were paid off within a few years, and I had reached my six-figure salary goal in my corporate career. But, I was disconnected from my life and my passions. I wasn’t happy, and my relationship with money wasn’t a healthy one.

What had gone wrong? I studied hard. I worked hard. I paid my bills. I saved for things we needed. But it all felt so… hard. And where had the fun gone?

It took plenty of reflection and a lot of soul searching to realize my own money story was holding me back. In all my seriousness and strict work ethic, I had capped my income. I had put limits on what I thought I could make, what I needed it for and how I spent it.

So I dropped the guilt and started working in a way that excites me!

I have 20+ years of experience working with business owners in a variety of industries, stage in business and financial situations. Over this time, I found that for a company to be successful the owner needs to understand all aspect of business and establish simple processes & procedures.

The values I offer to you, the business owner:

  • Business knowledge and personalized training on how to operate a successful business
    Instruction on how to compile and utilize your financials for growth
  • Analyze and support in the implementation of administrative, operational and financial systems
  • By empowering business owners with the three “C’s,” they find it easier and more profitable to operate a business.

Clarity to understand where your business is and where you want it to go.

Confidence to make the best decisions for the future of you and your business.

Control to know what needs to be done and how to do it.

By mastering the 3 C’s, business owners find they have decreased worry, work, and stress. Simultaneously finding greater happiness, more time to spend on their passion and increased wealth.

You deserve to live a financially free abundant life. I would love to support you in building that. 

Linda Brown