Linda was featured in TimesUnion, ThriveGlobal and ProfitFirst

Is your intention to empower your community’s money mindset and support them in understanding their numbers and growing their profit?

Are you looking to host a business or association event to support and educate your employees or colleagues?

Linda Brown, Certified Provendus Growth Coach, Certified Profit First Professional, and founder of Spire Business, Inc., offers workshops and keynotes to demystify financial matters and equip attendees with the tools and skills they need in order to take control of their finances and, by extension, their lives.

Linda has led workshops with private groups, leadership teams, associations, and corporate businesses. Her talks teach guests how to:

The purpose of these workshops is to teach others about money and business financials. Linda takes concepts that were previously daunting and overwhelming and simplifies them so that they become accessible to attendees. She gets that the moment you understand your finances, you have power over your money – and your life – forever. She will teach you and your attendees how to shift their relationship with money from stress to ease, from impotence to control, and from chaos to strategy. Yes, it’s possible. Linda’s talks will show you how.